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Updated links and tel number for emergency info. on earthquake in Japan

March 12, 11:50AM

if you call at +81 3-5452-8800 or +81 50-3369-9680,
then NHK (national broadcasting) will braodcast text info at channel 3.

Miyagi police | consultation tel line to find the info on missing people in Miyagi pref..
call +81-22-221-2000. 24 hrs operation is provided
English, Chinese, Korean, Portugese translation service line for earthquake info.
now open. call +81 50 5814 7230.

i-phone has now distributing emergency message app.
DL at

mention your message, I would help translating into English to tweet.
@pictures_dept on twitter

latest info. Bic Camera is already out of stock for batteries.
SUNTORY has freed vending machines. also public telephone is free to use.
English info. on TOHOKU-PACIFIC Earthquake
Save energy this evening. RT @
kenmogi: Up to 300 million kW power shortage
08 to 19 JST predicted by TEPCO. Save energy.

English info. on TOHOKU-PACIFIC Earthquake

Gathered usuful info. for English speakers.
Live streaming of NHK (English):
Live coverage of earthquake and links of many services/information here:
Google: Real time earthquake information:
FON (FREE wifi now):

EARTHQUAKE situation in JAPAN report

Thank you for all the message,
I am fine here in Miura Peninsula.
It was reported that we would have big TSUNAMI’s
but actually it was about less than 1M that reached to our beach.
We have evacuated to a near park on the hill but came back very soon.
Most of the power is down in this area all throught the night,
but miraclly, my apartment was ok with power and water, but telephone lines were out. 
Especially northern pacific area of Japan is hardly damanged and
reportedly more than 1,000 people died or gone missing,
but I guess the number will be the worst in the history.

Who knows the true value of Festival Awards?

Tuesday, March 8, 2011
Japanese director Takahisa Zeze’s 278-minute opus on crime and punishment.
from The Hollywood Reporter (c) 2010 Heaven’s Project

At the Berlin International Film Festival in Germany,
which has been ended two weeks now, I think it is a bit late to talk about
but maybe I should. Because….
Director Takahisa Zeze’s film HEAVEN’S STORY won the Best Asian Film
Award and the International Critics Association Award.
The film participated in the Forum section, which is for novel films.

Nothing to do with movie but seaweed

Friday, February 4, 2011

This is the natural Hayama Wakame seaweed,
which almost locally exclusive.
You can buy this in the supermarkets,
but it is mostly a farmed version.
It feels very different to best Wakame seaweed in the Spring season.
After I got back form the Berlin International Film Festival,
I was very busy working on the end of fiscal year paperwork.