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EARTHQUAKE situation in JAPAN report

Thank you for all the message,
I am fine here in Miura Peninsula.
It was reported that we would have big TSUNAMI’s
but actually it was about less than 1M that reached to our beach.
We have evacuated to a near park on the hill but came back very soon.
Most of the power is down in this area all throught the night,
but miraclly, my apartment was ok with power and water, but telephone lines were out. 
Especially northern pacific area of Japan is hardly damanged and
reportedly more than 1,000 people died or gone missing,
but I guess the number will be the worst in the history.
You can go NHK live on USTREAM for the latest news.
The reason why the power is down is the nuclear power plant in Fukushima
has been shut down since right after the quake.
Government has declared the state of emergency for radiation leakage,
but don’t be panic, this is just to make it doubly sure.
If you want to reach your friends, families,
there are so called emergency message service by calling #171,
but obvilusly it is only domestic line.
So, let me know if someone wants me
to leave a message for your people.
my e-mail address is

Google has PERSON FINDER service on-line at;
yuko shiomaki
pictures dept. co. ltd.
hayama, miura, kanagawa, japan
08:00 AM / March 12, 2011