We opened our branch office!

Thursday 13th, January, 2011
I now have shared office with a
wonderful ocean view.  
It has the sort of position you could
spend your lifetime looking for.  
We can see the sea shore from our windows
– 100% clear view guaranteed!
There is a private hotel room on the 2nd floor
and an event and gallery space on the 1st.
I want to try and host a special event here soon.

pictures dept. opened a new website!

Thursday, 13th January, 2011
Usually I am Tweeting about the lovely sunset,
walking my dogs or such like, not about my work.
So in this TOPICS I am going to let you know about
the situation of Japanese films in the world; film festivals
and film industry news from around the world; and news relating
to picture dept. films, of course.
stay tuned!