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Nothing to do with movie but seaweed

Friday, February 4, 2011

This is the natural Hayama Wakame seaweed,
which almost locally exclusive.
You can buy this in the supermarkets,
but it is mostly a farmed version.
It feels very different to best Wakame seaweed in the Spring season.
After I got back form the Berlin International Film Festival,
I was very busy working on the end of fiscal year paperwork.
At last I have done all the things needed without a problem.
It is a fine day after three days of rain.
The sky is clear, and Mt Fuji has made an appearance.
It is covered in snow from 8th of the way up to the summit.
I managed, unexpectedly, to keep the date for payment
despite my attitude towards the business in the recession of the last two years.
I have worked so hard, and actually think I have done very well, don’t I??
So I am rewarding myself with a day off
as the sky, sea and mountains are so beautiful!
It is mid-afternoon and I am drinking some beer
with some slices of Tresus shell at a fish restaurant near my house.
(don’t be afraid, folks, yes it is raw but it’s the best sea shell !!)
On the way back home, along the Morito beach,
I met a male acquaintance of mine who was boiling some Wakame seaweed.
So I am treated to some fresh seaweed.
It is in season and so natural.
Mmmm…it is so delicious,
and has that aromatic smell of the seashore.
I got a lot of seaweed for only 500 yen.
My dog is also happy with the mineral supplements.
Thank god its Friday!
I want to eat this somehow by STAFF DOG
Now, another job for me today.
It is the final settlement of the body.
Yes, it means an afternoon nap!
I have a stressful time all year with lots of overseas business trips.
So when I get consecutive days off the gods sometimes give me a happy day.
It is the 3rd year of independence for pictures dept.
“All right!”.I do my best (with “Tiiandaa” てぃ〜あんだぁ)
It is so yummy! I can’t stop!
oh, btw, I heard “Tiiandaa” means “with great care” in the Okinawan language.