SION SONO’s latest GUILTY OF ROMANCE in Cannes Director Fortnight

Press Release

April 19, 2011 18:00 JST – TOKYO




HAYAMA BEACH based pictures dept. is proud to announce that our sales title GUILTY OF ROMANCE, (from the same producer as COLD FISH), has been officially invited to the Director’s Fortnight in the upcoming Cannes Film Festival. The film has been acquired all rights by the German based worldwide sales agency Films Boutique. Excluded are the Japanese distribution rights, which remain with Nikkatsu, the main producer of the film.


SHANE BLACK to direct US remake of DEATH NOTE

Monday, 17th January 2011

Shane Black has been appointed as the director for
the American remake of the manga-based DEATH NOTE film.

DEATH NOTE Japaniese website
Shane was the script writer for the LETHAL WEAPON series,
and has directed one film – KISS, KISS, BANG, BANG.
Hollywood often seems to catapult less-experienced directors
toward bigger budget films.  I guess that is the beauty of Hollywood.
I have the feeling that Japanese producers are usually afraid that
they will not attract investment if they attach a director
with little or no experience.
Excuse me for say this as no offense is intended
toward Japanese producers.
One of the producers of this remake, is of course,
Roy Lee for Warner Brothers Production,
who invested in the original DEATH NOTE series.
Roy mentioned at last year’s AFM open conference that
“it is very tough to deal with Japanese producers
because of the language barrier and more than this,

the cultural barrier”.
A sentiment that I totally agree with.
Believe me, from my experience,
just to get CHAIN OF TITLE document is really tough job here.
Roy is certainly one the top remake of Japanese film exponents.
He can really sell Asian content to Hollywood Studios.
The Korean film MY SASSY GIRL was Roy; GRUDGE 3 was Roy;
and yes, THE RING was Roy; and THE RING goes 3D is ROY!!!
Is there anyone else out there who is
brave enough to attempt this, apart from Roy?
Ah, there is Jeremy Thomas, of course, who brought the
Academy Award winning film DEPARTURES to the screen,
and has recently produced Miike’s period Samurai drama,
Just, wow!!