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Cannes 2011 : Day 1

May 11, 2011, in CANNES – DAY 1
Now, the Cannes Film Festival has begun.
I have been going backwards and forwards on whether to write my blog,
but I cannot keep from writing it any longer.

It seems that the splendour is back in Cannes this year.
Due to jet lag I woke up early today and was treated to the fresh morning glow.
I am going to report on the Cannes Film Festival via this blog,
Twitter and Facebook with a different point of view from the film media crowd.
The main purpose of this is not to keep you informed with picture dept.
up to the minute news and reports. It will not have interviews with
key industry people.
As I am not an official member of the press, it will just my own,
subjective view of the market. If you will, think of it as a kind of “rear window”,
which you can read light-heatedly over a cup of coffee.
I hope you take it easy.
For official press information, Ms Harumi Nakayama of Cinema Today
will be making up to the minute reports over the internet as she is in Cannes
as usual, as will the all the rest of the film world’s journalists and writers.
Please check them out.
Well, having woken up early today I had some carrot & corriander soup
for my health, as I have to eat a high-calorie diet for two weeks.
I am so happy to be staying in an apartment with a kitchen.
I heard Lady Gaga performing on the opening stage today.
For me, Karaoke night with all the people who love fantastic films
will be a big event.
By the way, I might suddenly pop-up on U-Stream sometimes.
Mr Joe Odagari will be in Cannes from the 13th to 15th.
Mr Sion Sono will be in town from the 18th to 20th.
Also in Cannes after the 20th will be Ms Megumi Tazaki, the newcomer with great expectations
at the short film competition.
I am not sure, but I think I will be able to do some U-Stream on these dates.
It all depends on the atmosphere at the time as to whether I do or don’t.
Please do not have any great expectation, but do check out my Twitter feed.
It will be mid-night in Japan due to the time difference between there and Cannes.
All right, I hope you enjoy Cannes as if you are my company staff,
for the next 2 weeks.
yuko shiomaki, pictures dept. – Cannes