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Updated links and tel number for emergency info. on earthquake in Japan

March 12, 11:50AM

if you call at +81 3-5452-8800 or +81 50-3369-9680,
then NHK (national broadcasting) will braodcast text info at channel 3.

Miyagi police | consultation tel line to find the info on missing people in Miyagi pref..
call +81-22-221-2000. 24 hrs operation is provided
English, Chinese, Korean, Portugese translation service line for earthquake info.
now open. call +81 50 5814 7230.

i-phone has now distributing emergency message app.
DL at

mention your message, I would help translating into English to tweet.
@pictures_dept on twitter

latest info. Bic Camera is already out of stock for batteries.
SUNTORY has freed vending machines. also public telephone is free to use.
English info. on TOHOKU-PACIFIC Earthquake
Save energy this evening. RT @
kenmogi: Up to 300 million kW power shortage
08 to 19 JST predicted by TEPCO. Save energy.