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Everybody Said Happy New Year to CHINA!

Monday 14, February 2011
in Berlin

I thought it was time to go back to my hotel as I was dozing
at my desk in the booth.
Then a female representative from the
Chinese National TV (CCTV) came up to me and said,
“We have New Year’s Day in China now,
 so please say Happy New Year to all the people in China”.
So I said “Happy New Year” into the camera,
whilst holding a stuffed soft rabbit toy.
I am a person who thinks
“all grist that comes to my mill”.
Some French people were standing nearby and talking,
so I forced them to speak in Portuguese.
My friend, Nicola pleaded,
“I can’t speak Portuguese. Please can I speak in French”.
However, the audacious female director said,
“Oh, sorry, we have already finished with the French”,
and turned down his request unceremoniously.
So in the end he was forced to speak in Portuguese.
It was reckless, and furthermore he was speaking in a foreign language for him,
so he had a lot of retakes.
During the filming he was sweating, but he did a good job.
Of course, afterwards he told me off. He said,
“Don’t do that again”.
Don’t worry the programme is not shown in France or Portugal.
However, we can watch CCTV in Japan, but its PAY TV.
Fortunate enough, YOU TUBE is free.  
(I hope Nicholas won’t find me though….)