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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

cont’d from previous blog entry. 

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Well, now I want to write about the business.


The target markets for the Takeshi Kitano’s and

Noboru Iguchi’s films are quite different.

Of course, the scale of the market is also different.
In days gone by, the business target for a film to be

widely successful was to cater to a “broad but shallow” profile.

Nowadays, it is possible to reach fans even with a small scale niche film.

The output of these two directors clearly illustrates this scenario.


The important thing is to be the “proper size”.


Where… and who do we want to see the film?

How many regular customers are there?

How much is a reasonable “cost” to reach them and make a profit?

If we take all these things into consideration and plan accordingly,

I think it should be a hit.


What is a hit?


A hit film is when it is seen by a great many people,

but nowadays it can be a hit if it is taken to somebody’s heart deeply.


However, it is very important to plan and

think about the profitability of a film of that size.

You might think that “such an idea is obvious”,

 but you would be surprised how many films are in existence,

simply because “I made a film, because I wanted to make it”.


The fact is, that the purpose of initial calculations is

to get the film made not to recoup on the investment.

It is the pitfall of film art.


However, the producer has to think about the realities,

not the director or creator.


In the future, it will be necessary for the creator’s talent and

artistry to be sublimated to the mindset of a producer

on the stage called business.

I am already feeling like this for several years now.


To be a director oneself or to be a strategist in partnership with a director,

I think is fine as long as you keep a producer like perspective.


If you are young and you want to be a film director,

you have to seek out a partnership like this,

or instil in oneself the mind of a producer.

I think that this is the key to becoming

a successful “evergreen” film director.


Oh, well I planned to write about the loincloth to film business today,

and it took an unexpected turn.


Samurai Blue, the Japanese National Football Team,

won a glorious victory.

They did not hesitate in their course.


The day will come when a young talent will appear

with a meteoric rise in the film industry.

I get excited thinking that day may be soon!


Well, too much talk about business. 


it is subtitled like,
“Mind your business, asshole!

Okay, I’m outta here, have a nice day!
Outrage Trailer
Most foreign audience think that KItano tried to go the other stage,
but actually, THIS is original Kitano.
Maybe people became knowing him for KIKUJIRO, so you found the dirrent taste as
the directors foundamental world, but it is not.
He just look back his original and I think this is masterpiece.
It is also a good ABC to 893(Yakuza) world!!