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Hollywood’s Awards Race is in Full Swing!

Tueday, 25 January 2010

Hollywood’s awards race is in full swing.
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Today, I am going to talk about the Producers Guild of America.
It seems that the winner of the Darryl Francis Zanuck Producer of the Year award
This result contradicted expectations and was a big surprise in Hollywood.
Well, what kind of award is this Darryl F. Zanuck Producer of the Year award,
from the Producers Guild of America?
It is an enormously long name. Zanuck was the legendary producer behind
ALL ABOUT EVE. This prize is given as a reflection of his distinguished services.
It is attributed as being an index that is closest to the Academy Awards.
By the way, in comparison with the Academy Awards and Golden Globe Awards
these Producers Guild awards are relatively unknown.
Members of the PGA (Producers Guild of America) vote on this prize.
Only producers who meet the requirements laid down can become a member.
They must have credit on more than two theatrically released films as a producer.
Beginners luck does not exist here. They must also keep their status a secret.
Producers who work for a major studio for several years
can easily increase the number of films they gain credit on,
but how do independent producers gain the right to vote??
1) One feature length film with Exclusive Theatrical Runs in a minimum of 2 markets
one of which must have a population of over 1 million.
Theatrical runs must be at least one week to qualify; or
2) VOD (Video on Demand) – One feature length film that has gone direct to DVD
and is distributed through Netflix, Blockbuster, etc; or
3)One feature length film in any of the following major film festivals:
AFI Fest (USA) / Berlin International Film Festival (Germany) /
Cannes Festival International Du Film (France) / New York Film Festival (USA)
Sundance Film Festival (USA) / Telluride Film Festival (USA)
Toronto Film Festival (Canada) / Tribeca Film Festival (USA) / Venice Film Festival (Italy)

It you meet one of these requirements you gain access to membership.
It feels that No.2 more than No.1, and No.2 than No.3…
I mean that I feel that No.2 is the easiest way to gain a chance of entry.
I heard from a producer that the films made for Internet streaming/download
can also be considered as your resume.
The particular point of reference is regarding “a feature film”.
Is seems the budget does not matter.
However at the moment it seems insurmountable.
It has to have the reference from one member of the PGA
and two people from the industry.
They have to have worked in the same project before,
so it is not only about the paperwork.
The guild signature is like a stamp of approval on any cirriculum vitae.
It is seems to be a pretty good society to join,
but does seem almost impossible.
It somehow reminds me of the Harvard University secret society in
It said
“an application form that is submitted without recommendations
will be returned immediately without consideration”.
Pheeew, that’s cheeky.
For all of these reasons, I guess any producer who receives the prize
should feel very happy, given all the seemingly insurmountable
difficulties they have encountered.
Well then, a producer that who has faced the relentless judgement
should achieve great success commercially and artistically.
The producer of THE KING’S SPEECH is one such person.
The film has been nominated in 14 categories
at the British Academy of Film & Television Arts awards,
which is the greatest number ever.
Although I do not doubt it’s high quality
I wonder how it will fair in the current climate in Japan.
Personally I am looking forward to seeing it,
and to viewing the bewitching performance of Geoffrey Rush,
who received the Academy Award for his role in Scott Hick’s SHINE.
Come to think of it there are a lot foreign films this year,
that make me want to go to the cinema.
It is so exciting to watch an American film, with popcorn.
Ooops, this is an English film.
I’m sure if I was a cinema owner,
I would make you watch the film with afternoon tea served with silverware.