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TIME TRAVELLER: the girl who leapt through time

Directed by Masaaki Taniguchi
  • Newport Beach Film Festival 2011
  • Amsterdam Fantastic Film Festival 2011
  • San Diego Film Festival 2010
  • Hawaii International Film Festival 2010
  • Pucheon International Fantastic Film Festival 2010
  • Shanghai International Film Festival 2010

The latest remake of the epoch-making novel ‘The Girl Who Leapt Through Time’, after 40 years of its original publication. This time, Akari actually time leaps into the year 1972…but, by mistake ends up in the year 1974!!
What shall she do?! 
Main character is played by a rising star Riisa Naka who did voice over for the animation version by Mamoru Hosoda in 2006.


Akari Yoshiyama, is a high school student, who has just passed the entrance examination to Shôtoku University, where her mother works as a pharmacologist. Akari is expecting her new life begins with full of hope until her mother bumped into car accident and went to comma muttering herself “I have to see Kazuo Fukamachi” Suddenly her happy future turned upside down.

Director's Profile : Masaaki Taniguchi

Born: 6 Jul 1966, Kyoto
He worked as an assistant under eminent directors who represents Japanese films, Kichitarou Negishi, Kazuyuki Izutsu, Yôjirou Takita, Hideyuki Hirayama, Tetsuo Shinohara and so on. TIME TRAVELLER, the girl who leapt through time. is his feature length film debut.


Directed by Masaaki Taniguchi
Riisa Naka, Akiyoshi Nakao, Narumi Yasuda

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