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  • Osaka Asian FF 2014 – Grand Prix (Best Picture Award)

A tomboyish call center agent falls for her gay co-worker sparking an unconventional relationship.


ESTELA (Yeng Constantino) is a tomboyish, young woman caught in the crisis of her quarter-life. After graduating college with a degree in sociology, her life path has led her away from her dreams of being a singer-songwriter and into the call center industry where she has been trapped since. Unmotivated and always late for work, an openly gay senior agent, TREVOR (Felix Roco), is assigned to help guide her back on the right track. As they grow closer, Estela begins to develop romantic feelings for him creating a complicated, unconventional relationship between them. When Trevor breaks up with his boyfriend and begins to question his own wants, Estela is caught in a dilemma on whether or not to act on her hidden feelings.


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