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Why does he go up to the ring?

Directed by Daishi Matsunaga (“Pyuupiru2001-2008”)


March 17, 2013, the story of this combat documentary takes place at PANCRASE246 in Tokyo. Director Daishi Matsunaga (“Pyuupiru2001-2008”) chase after fighter’s lights and shadows, revealing the way of life of fighting men, with great music composed by Masamichi Shigeno (Moe no Suzaku by Naomi Kawase). There always are winners and losers in your life. From a producer of PANCRASE on its 20th anniversary, this film is the first and only documentation of Japanese Combat Fight.

Director's Profile : Daishi Matsunaga

Daishi MATSUNAGA (1974, Japan) worked as an actor in several Japanese film productions after studying at university. Since 2000, he has primarily worked as a direrctor of commercials, music videos and documentaries. He followed his good friend, artist and gender bender Pyuupiru for years for his documentary Pyuupiru 2001-2008. The film was screened at International Film Festival Rotterdam and other many film festivals, also got Special Mention Award by Era New Horizons International Film Festival 2011.

"Pyuupiru 2001-2008" (2010, doc)
‘’BOYS’ ’(2012, short film)


Directed by Daishi Matsunaga
Producer: Masakazu Sakai
Cast: ISAO, Daichi Kitakata, Hirokazu Konishi, Takumi, Hinata, Atsushi Yamamoto
Production: Pancrase


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