Written & Directed by Yosuke Fujita
  • Hong Kong International Film Festival 2008

A DIY for a positive outlook on how to be happy no matter what.
YosiYosi Arakawa wants to create the world’s most scary haunted house!
Gentle, heartfelt laughter is the star performer in this film!


Teruo, the eldest son of a used bookstore owner has a dream: to build the world scariest haunted house. About to reach his 30th birthday, Teruo is still idling away his life. One day, through the introduction of childhood friend Hisanobu, an extremely clumsy painter/artist comes to work at the bookstore. Meet Akari. A cute, attractive girl that both Teruo and Hisanobu soon fall for.

This small bookstore could be in any town and becomes a refuge for these individuals that have fallen out of the mainstream society. EVERYTHING IS ALRIGHT is an eagerly awaited hilarious film that portrays an easy-going, comical and heat-warming story that unfolds in a bookstore.

Director's Profile : Yosuke Fujita

Born 1963. Start producing visuals during college and in 1987 won the Grand Prize at the Torino Film Festival (8mm division) for his film “Tora”. After winning the Image Forum Special Jury Prize for “Kuragezuri aka Jellyfish Fishing” in 1990, he produced live theatre and stage opening visuals for works directed by Suzuki Matsuo (founder of the Otona Keikaku Theatre group) as well as Kankuro Kudo, one of the most popular writer, director.


Written and Directed by Yosuke Fujita
YosiYosi Arakawa/Yoshino Kimura/Yoshinori Okada
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