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Directed by Yuri Nomura
  • Barcelona Asian Film Festival 2010
  • Vancouver International Film Festival 2009
  • Festival International du Film d’Environment 2009
  • Montreal World Film Festival 2009

It’s Dinner time!
A new style and boutique documentary depicting Japanese food and life directed by a popular food designer, Nomura Yuri. The film explores the insight into food and the eating habit of various artists such as an actor, a musician, a tea master, a head priest and an Okinawan house wife, etc.


About Yuri Nomura, as Film Director and Food Director

Thanks to her good-chef mother, she always grew up in an guest-welcome family environment, and naturally she acquired the skill of good cooking to make people happy.

To study cooking, she went to England and actually felt that the word is unnecessary when good food is served on the table, discovering eating connects people. After graduation from the university, she started to work as a producer at stylish interior and lifestyle coordination company “IDEE” to develop café menu at the company owned restaurants and bars. She is established the life-style coordination laboratory, “eatrip” and presenting delicious life that ties people around the world. As a food director, she is teaching at the special cooking school and is widely acting the catering service for the company’s reception parties. Besides that, she is developing the nutrition education for children as well.
A boutique documentary “eatrip” is her first feature film.


35mm/Japanese/Colour/DTS Stereo/78 min/1:1.85/2009
Director: Yuri Nomura Producer: Naoki Kai
Tadanobu Asano, UA, Sooku Sen
© 2008 STYLEJAM, Inc.

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