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Looking For Cherry Blossoms

Directed by Joe Odagiri

A directorial debut of Joe Odagiri, featuring a remarkable collaboration by young stars of Japanese film and comedy!


Granddad is a little absented minded and living in the hospital, but almost everyday he receives a postcard depicting cherry blossoms. His grandson Tsuyoshi comes to visit him, and cannot help but notice these postcards from a mystery sender. One day, Tsuyoshi meets a taxi driver that knows the location of the cherry trees in the postcard. The grandson then sets out on a journey to find the location with this man called Jack.

Joe Odagiri, arguably Japan’s top actor today in terms of popularity and talent, has directed this long-anticipated film, casting the enormously popular young comedian, Junichi Kawamoto of Jicho Kacho, as the lead. The story produced by this unique combination cannot help but attract audiences. It is a precious film that offers the charm of new talent, while Joe Odagiri handles all four areas of direction, screenwriting, editing, and music.


Written and Directed by Joe Odagiri
Junichi Komoto (of Jicho Kacho)/Sabu Kawahara/Noboru Mitani
© 2007 Looking For Cherry Blossoms Film Partners


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Looking For Cherry BlossomsLooking For Cherry BlossomsLooking For Cherry BlossomsLooking For Cherry Blossoms