Directed by Ikki Katashima
  • International Film Festival Rotterdam 2011
  • Raindance Film Festival 2010
  • Paris Cinema 2010


How did earth get surrounded by a chain of hatred and by nucleus tragedy? What are the helpless sorrows of far eastern girl and boy?  It’s no laughing matter, but a very personal road movie and in the end, it’s the fantasy based on the real event that sadly happened because of the prejudice between Koreans and Japanese. 


One day, a high school boy was being bullied by couple of bullies, and a girl on her way back home saw this and came to save him. The boy cannot forget the girl who saved him and left without telling him her name. A couple of days later, the boy sees the girl again, but is shocked and cannot move. She was wearing a Chimachogori (Korean ethnic dress). A couple of minutes later, the girl is surrounded by 2 college men, and they start to make fun of her and cut her chimachogori. The girl asked for the boys help, but the boy cannot move. While the college men and the girl fight, the scissors in the college man’s hands gets pushed into the girl’s chest and the girl dies. It was about autumn of 2002, and the top news topics were about the kidnap cases of Japanese people by North Koreans. So the feelings of the Japanese people toward any Korean people were only anger. The boy just stares at the girls’ funeral from far away, full of guilt, humiliation, and self-hatred. Then, a girl who looked just like the girl who had died was standing, holing her twin sister’s picture. From the next day, the boy tries to get in contact with the girl. A sad and a punkish journey begin for the weak Japanese boy, and a strong but lonely Korean girl living in Japan. The journey has its ups and downs.

Director's Profile : Ikki Katashima

Movie director/Producer/President of Dogsugar INC.. During college years, produced a 8mm movie, and decides on the movie career and then co-directing a movie with Koji Wakamatsu, Kazuyuki Izutsu, Ryu Murakami and Syunji Iwai. In 1995, he directed his first feature Crazy Cop and next year, produced variety of movies as SUBU’s Postman Blues, Seijun Suzuki’s Pistol Opera and Princess Raccoon while producing several TV hit series. In 1996, Established the production company Dogsugar INC. and produced and directed "Wing of Hakenkreuz", and in 2008 and "Serial Dad" and established his own style of film making.


HD/Japanese/108min/Black and White/Dorby-SR/2010
Directed by Ikki Katashima with Junichi Inoue screenwriting
Hanae Kan/Shige Kasai

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