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Thanks for our UK distributor THIRD WINDOW FILMS

“Adrift in Tokyo is one film that deserves to be in every collection, and of course if you haven’t yet had the good fortune of enjoying a Satoshi Miki film, the Satoshi Miki Collection has three gems, including Adrift in Tokyo. There’s no better time to get acquainted with his unique style.” – Quote from “my reviewer” review. Thanks for our UK distributor THIRD WINDOW FILMS. – Adrift in Tokyo


Hong Kong International Film Festival】
ROADSIDE FUGITIVE by the most anticipated film director YU IRIE is selected in INDIE POWER. Don’t miss the world premiere on March 22nd. Ticket sales will be ready from Feb. 25th after their full line-up announcement on 24th. Che, che, check it out!!!

I am confident that this is very watchable entertaining film for young audience anywhere around the world.