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Thank you for UDINE FEFF15 for giving IT’S ME, IT’S ME, an audience award!

Feff 15 the winner is…

Black dragon
Touch of the light

My movies
It’s me it’s me

1. How to use guys with secret tips
2. Countdown
3. Ip Man the final fight

“…Miki, who also wrote the script, maintains the same fine, tight control over his mind-bending material as did in his 2007 masterpiece Adrift in Tokyo (which screened at FEFF). As in the previous film, he weaves in deeper themes, as well as a wealth of dryly funny sight gags, into his slight story, but with more abandon and ambition, as though he were trying to not only out-Jonze Jonze, but out-Kafka Kafka, who may have transformed his salesman hero Gregor Samsa into a giant bug in his novella The Metamorphosis, but at least did not clone the poor sod into infinity.”— Mark Schilling

I would like to thank Sabrina Baracetti, Thomas Bertacche and all the staff at UDINE FEFF for their wonderfully organized week of frenzy, and also thank for their love and strong support for Asian films!

From Director, Satoshi Miki
I am so honored to have this award on the world premiere of my latest movie, IT’S ME, IT’S ME. I would like to thank the festival director Ms. Sabrina Baracetti, and all the staffs involved to make this happen. I like to say that the warmest love towards the film from fans all over the world make myself, such a uncultivated and barren film director like me, feel so much encouraged. I am pretty sure that all the supports are given to my lead actor Kazuya Kamenashi. I strongly believe that he soon will be one of the best actor for Japanese films. So, please, people in Udine, to keep your eyes on him for his future works, I am sure you would be certain at some point, that you were the first one to acknowledge his talent.

I really hope that this award give the film more chance to make everyone becomes “ME(ore)”.

Thank you very much and your sincerely,

Satoshi MIki, April 28, 2013