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Present Campaign of THE LAND OF HOPE

TAIPEI | in memory of THE LAND OF HOPE world premiere series. win TAIPEI GOLDEN HORSE Prize!!

photo: the director SONO SION in front of THE LAND OF HOPE sign for the Taiwan premiere.

send your comments on the film THE LAND OF HOPE, or comments on this photo to win TAIPEI GOLDEN HORSE premium items. (prize includes; a Festival Program 2012 edition, a Festival Tote with logo, an angesβ suitcase buckle and iPhone5 shell case with the festival logo). Those items are not for sale but only for festival guests.

Festival Program, agnesβ suit case buckle, iPhone5 shell case with the festival loto, festival tote

Although iPhone5 was not released in Taiwan yet, but festival provides the participant its shell case.

it says TAIPEI GOLDEN HORSE FILM FESTIVAL 2012 on the tote bag.

send your comments (with your name, nickname or handle name) by e-mail to; by Dec. 7, 23:59PM.

You will be noticed by returning e-mail if you are a prizewinner!!