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THIRD WINDOW FILMS did charity screening

We would like to share with everyone that one of my best distributor in UK, THIRD WINDOW FILMS did charity screening of “Mitsuko Delivers” then selling DVDs at the event and then selling not just dvds, but Adam Torel’s personal collection of things like signed posters and signed DVD’s. Miki Satoshi DVD box included. He raised over £1,500 in 5 days for Fukushima!

I know there are a lot of charity still going on and as Japanese I can not thank enough for everyone doing so, but I believe it is also important that where exactly those charity money go and how much. In this perspective what Adam is doing is more than transparent, I really respect people doing like this.

I know, sadly, there are people doing charity screening and do not mention how much money they raised, and how they used that money for charity. I do not doubt they are cheating, but the information must be disclosed, FOR THE SAKE OF VICTIMS.

Thank you, Adam I am really proud of you and can not thank enough for your big support for Fukushima victims. I am also proud that you are one of the producer of Sion Sono’s coming THE LAND OF HOPE. The film depicts the truth about a family living in nuc power frenzy.