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Japanese films to the Chinese movie channel

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pictures dept. and Ptmind to exclusively supply Japanese films to the Chinese movie channel CCTV6’s website, M1905

pictures dept., in cooperation with Ptmind, will become the exclusive supplier of latest Japanese films for M1905website for CCTV6, the Chinese national broadcasting station’s movie channel.

The movie website, M1905, is China’s biggest online movie service website. As of October 2011, the number of its average visitors exceeds two million per day; the number of its average page views is 50 million views per day, and its registered members amount to 2.4 million people, gaining three thousand new registered members per day.

The Japanese movies that we will exclusively supply to M1905 will be distributed through its paid online service, as well as broadcast on digital TV channels through contents service providers including CCTV in various regions to 40 million households throughout China. Our products will be distributed, not just through M1905’s own website, but also through various websites such as,,,, and, among others. M1905’s mobile website is compatible with Android, Symbian, iPhone, and iPad; movies will be distributed to M1905’s business partners including China Telecom, China Mobile’s website for mobile phones, APP and its clients. The movies may also be screened in movie theaters throughout China, via M1905’s network.

Our products will have the full promotional benefit of M1905 being run by China’s national broadcasting station; they will be promoted via various media including CCTV6’s movie programs, CCTV6’s email magazine, China Mobile Newspaper, and M1905’s mobile website. Other than Japan, M1905 has entered into similar exclusive supply contracts with South
Korea (CJ Entertainment) and the US (Paramount Pictures).

pictures dept. will procure the actual contents for M1905. While the Chinese market’s entry barrier is notoriously high for foreign films due to the quota system and other policies, we believe that gaining a new distribution route for Japanese films will contribute to further interaction of culture and art between the two nations, which will see their 40th anniversary of diplomatic normalization in 2012. Working with Ptmind, who has an extensive network in China, we will work on expanding the distribution route, while also promoting understanding of the Chinese film industry among the Japanese counterpart.

pictures dept. co. ltd.
Founded in 2010, pictures dept. is a venture capital dealing in Japanese film industryʼ’s “overseas strategy”, providing help with international film sales, international co-production, and international distribution. Its mission is to create markets for Japanese films worldwide, bringing the real “Cool Japan” to the world. President: Yuko Shiomaki.

Ptmind Inc.
Founded in 2010, Pitmind is an IT venture capital with mainly young Japanese and Chinese professionals, engaged in truly global business that transcends nationality and race. Its core businesses are development and supply of web data analysis systems, web marketing support solutions, and e-commerce. Especially, in bringing Japanese businesses into the Chinese market, its special strength lies in localization of services and optimization of market. Its corporate philosophies are “providing networking services that reach peopleʼ’s hearts”, and “keeping eternal venture capitalist spirit”. CEO: En Tei.

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