Written & Directed by Yu Irie
  • Camera Japan Festival 2012
  • 12th Osian’s-Cinefan Festival of Asian and Arab Cinema
  • Japan Cuts 2012
  • 36th Hong Kong International Film Festival 2012

The upcoming Japanese director Yu Irie gained acclaim in Japanese cinema with his realistic portrayal of frustrated youths, which gained popularity among young audience.  “Roadside Fugitive,” the third installment of his popular series, “8,000 Miles,” is his most ambitious yet, experimenting with original techniques. 


Down and out in his hometown of Saitama, a sleepy suburb of Tokyo, after NOT making it in the metropolis, the wannabe rap artist Mighty can only wallow in his misery, lurking at the very bottom of society in his self-imposed exile. One day, he bumps into his former best friends when least expected. Unlike him, who has turned into a veritable fugitive, Ikku and Tom are still trying to become musicians. What will happen to their dreams, and to their future?

Director's Profile : Yu Irie

Born in 1979 in Kanawaga and grew up in Saitama, Japan. Graduated from the Department of Cinema, College of Art, Nihon University in 2003. His shorts, “Obsession” (2002) and “Seven Drives” (2003), were selected for the Off-Theater Competition at the Yubari International Fantastic Film Festival for two years running, and the former was screened at Ikebukuro Cinema Rosa. “8000 Miles” (2009) won the Yubari International Fantastic Film Festival Off-Theater Competition Grand Prix, and the Netpac award at the Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival in Korea. It went on to become a record hit, though screened only at art-house cinemas. This film also brought Irie the 50th Directors Guild of Japan New Directors Award. On the back of this success, its sequel, “8000 Miles 2: Girl Rappers,” was released nationwide in 2010. Irie’s next film that portrayed a group of youth centering round a popular Japanese rock band, “Ringing in Their Ears,” was released in 2011, bringing him high acclaim in the media and at various film festivals, including the Grand Prix of Young Directors at the Takasaki Film Festival, Japan, proving his worth as a film director. His recent works include a short music film for a popular girls unit, and “Douki,” a TV drama for a satellite broadcasting station.


HD/Japanese/Colour/Dolby Digital/110min/2012
Written & Directed by Yu Irie
Producer: Yu Irie, Hitoshi Endo
Eita Okuno, Ryusuke Komakine, Shingo Mizusawa
©2012 SR3 CREW

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