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8,000 Miles 2: Girls Rapper

Written & Directed by Yu Irie
  • New York Asian Film Festival 2010
  • Montreal International Festival of New Cinema 2010

8,000 Miles 2: Girls Rapper, a sequel to 8,000 Miles in 2009, is a comedy about a small ground of hip-hop fans who live in the suburbs outside of Tokyo but dream of someday becoming famous rappers, even though they’re kind of dorky and untalented.


A group of girls from Gunma in the heart of the Japanese mountains, who loved HIP-HOP, formed a rap group. But at the time, the area was too primitive to accept a bunch of rapping girls. Unloved and unappreciated they slipped into obscurity and broke up. Before long, even the HIPHOP boom passed the same way as their youth. They now spend their lives in the monotonous repetition of every day life.
One day, they find renewed vigour and passion at their old practice venue.
“Lets perform live again for only one night!".
Can they really overcome all the hurdles to sing again? What is the initial thing that becomes visible to make them sing?

Director's Profile : Yu Irie

Born in 1979. Saitama, Japan. He produced "OBSESSION" (2003) and "SEVEN DRIVES" (2004) nominated to competition at Yubari International Fantastic Film Festival. He founded his production company NORAINU FILM which mainly produces a movie also, he has served as a playwright and stage director on theatrical company NORAINU BULLET since 2008. His main production works are "Cream Lemon: Madoll" (2007) and "Japonica virus" (2007), etc. His work "8000 Miles" won the grand prix with Yubari International Fantastic Film Festival 2009. It also won NETPAC AWARD at 13th Pucheon International Fantastic Film Festival.


HD /Japanese/Color/DTS Stereo/95min/2010
Written & Directed by Yu Irie
Maho Yamada, Sakura Ando(Love-Explosure), Ryo Iwamatsu(Then Summer Came)
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