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The Tang of LEMON

Directed by Ikki Katashima ("PURE ASIA")
  • KINOTAYO Film Festival

 A lemon could be a symbol of love.  It could save you or destroy you.  This is 20-year journey of Japan’s fall from grace, and the irreversible effect it had on its people.  A story of 20-year-old Kaori and a 40-year-old Kaori’s lonely souls wandering in search of redemption.  Their stories corss and weave a mysterious tale with an unexpected outsome. 


20-year-old Kaori works part-time to support her design studies. Specializing in metalwork, she puts her first ring on her finger. She's proud of its sliced-lemon design. But her pleasure is short-lived as she's behind in tuition payments and close to expulsion. Her own mother undermines Kaori's progress by abusing and stealing from her. Interfering with Kaori's attempts to normalize her life. When Kaori meets an ambitious gangster Ishiyama, she sees hope and grasps at this chance of a better future...

40-year-old Kaori is a righteous and efficient temp secretary at a prestigious trade company. But after she finishes work, her immoral side takes over. She is a compulsive shoplifter. Her boss pays her for sex and she in turn employs the sexual services of a young male escort. At home, her daughter never leaves her bedroom. Kaori eats alone and sadly watches the TV. On the news there's a story of an elderly-care provider who's committed fraud. The police finally catch her shoplifting. At the station she meets Detective Kawachi who tells her that shoplifting is a mental illness that can only be overcome with professional help. A doctor he recommends tells her she has a borderline personality disorder.

A 20-year-old Kaori and a 40-year-old Kaori... As the two lonely souls wander in search of redemption, their stories cross and weave a mysterious tale with an unexpected outcome.

Director's Profile : Ikki Katashima

Katashima is the Executive Director/President of Dogsugar Inc. and a movie director/producer. While at Waseda University as a political science and economics student, he started making 8mm movies. Determined to work in movies, Katashima assisted directors Koji Wakamatsu, Kazuyuki Izutsu, Ryu Murakami, Shunji Iwai and the likes. In 1995 he made a feature directorial debut with Crazy Cops, Investigation Abandoned/Kureiji Koppu, Sousa wa sen. Since 1996 he started to produce movies like SABU's Postman Blues, Seijun Suzuki's Pistol Opera and Princess Raccoon. He also produced TV series such as Tekkouki Mikazuki and Madan Senki Ryukendo and proved his talent in handling hero/special effects genre shows. He formed Dogsugar in 2003 and their first production was The Wing of Hakenkreuz/ Hakenkuroitsu no Tsubasa which he also directed. With Serial Dad in 2008 Katashima established something of a Katashima Style. In 2011 his radical Pure Asia was controversial at international film festivals like Rotterdam. It was also praised as a Miracle in Black & White. With reviews both positive and negative, Katashima is regarded as one of the new Japanese Cinema hopefuls.


Directed by Ikki Katashima
Producer: Kazuyuki Kitaki, Naoto Monma
Hanae Kan / Narimi Arimori / Tsuyoshi Ihara / Go Ayano / Shigeru Muroi


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