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The Last Days of the World

Directed by Eiji Uchida
  • New York Asian Film Festival 2011
  • Kaohsuing Film Festival 2011

This story was based on the cult comic “Sekai Saigo no Hibi” (The Last Days of the World) written by Naoki Yamamoto.

A road-movie that weaves both reality and the imaginary. Throughout the movie, the main character runs into many odd characters, such as a middle-aged sailor uniform cos-player, a kimono-wearing heartbroken rock singer, and a blind beauty, somehow all strange and sorrow-filled.


A restless youth named Kanou lives a mundane school-boy's life. When a small man appears to him and announces that the earth will soon be destroyed, Kanou vows to spend his remaining time on earth doing what he pleases. Kanou confesses his feelings to Yumi, the most popular girl at the school, then kidnaps her. Kanou tries to force Yumi to have sex with him, but Kanou doesn't know what to do because he'd never had sex before. Then, he hears a mysterious voice from the radio advising him to "use mayonnaise".

Director's Profile : Eiji Uchida

Born in Brazil, 1971. Making his screenwriting debut with "The Last Days of the World", he comes with 10 years of prior experience in magazine writing. He made his directing debut with ”GACHAPON”, and is constantly showing his works. Filming is being scheduled for ”BLACK ANGELS”, which is his next film project.


Jyonmyon Pe, Chieko Imaizumi
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